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“Be who you claim to be or admit to yourself that you’re just not there yet and do whatever work you need to do to get there.” ~ Pamela J.

Time For Another….

Chicago the Beautiful Spotlight

“It is hopeless for the occasional visitor to try to keep up with Chicago–she outgrows her prophecies faster than she can make them. She is always a novelty; for she is never the Chicago you saw when you passed through the last time.” ~ Mark Twain

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When creating this website, I made it my mandate to create a website which could benefit all, not just those with money to spend.

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“Malnutrition is the #1 cause of preventable child deaths, but you have the power to save a child’s life.” ~ Vitamin Angels

You can learn more about Vitamin Angels and donate at this link.

2) ChildhelpChildhelp aids the victims of child abuse and neglect. It exists to meet the needs of abused, neglected and at-risk children. This important organization focuses it’s efforts on advocacy, child abuse prevention, treatment and community outreach.

“Today, we make children safe.” ~ Childhelp

You can learn more about Childhelp and donate at this link.

3) World Central Kitchen – Founded by Chef Jose Andres in 2010, World Central Kitchen feeds the hungry who have been devastated by disasters around the world.

“Wherever there is a fight so that hungry people may eat, we will be there.” ~ World Central Kitchen

You can learn more about World Central Kitchen and donate at this link.

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Pamela J.

“Be a lamp or a lifeboat or a ladder- Help someone’s soul heal.” ~ Rumi

Your First Bonus Gifts: On multiple pages of this valuable website, I feature really cool and helpful tools and resources which you can utilize at least initially for 100% Free.

Here are 3 powerful resources that you can initially utilize for Free which will hopefully help you as much as they have helped me.

The first tool is called the “Cosmic Energy Profile” which you can initially try for Free.

To get an idea of why this powerful tool may become as invaluable to you as it has for me, here is a tiny portion of my own personal Cosmic Energy Profile:

“A hard worker with a bit of wanderlust you feel almost honor-bound to explore, integrate, and bring ideas into physical reality.

You’re a natural leader and love to understand how people and things work. You like to compare and analyze different systems, harmonize diverse perspectives, and model the useful bits into your own unique, often eccentric, system.” ~ From My Cosmic Energy Profile

Um yeah, that’s me, alright. “My Head Meets Heart Kits” are as “unique” and as “eccentric” a “system” you will ever find.

And here’s the thing with the Cosmic Energy Profile Tool….

“Your Cosmic Destiny Chart is personally customized for you based on numerous, complex calculations from your Day Sign and Tone combination that resulted from the cosmic energies on the day of your birth. Less than 4/10ths of one percent of the human population share YOUR Destiny Chart – that’s how special to you it is.”


This means your personal profile will be as unique as a single snowflake is…

….and that’s why I shared a tiny portion of mine to show you, because it was so incredibly accurate. I was really amazed.

I found this really cool Cosmic Energy Profile tool in early 2019, when most of what you will read in this website was already created, but I can’t tell you how gratifying it has been for me investing in and using this amazing tool on a regular basis because it repeatedly confirms the path I’m on.

While I utilized it, it was almost like I was getting a “thumbs up” from the Universe with every step I took along the way in creating this one of a kind website.

When you’re creating something revolutionary and one of a kind, you inevitably question yourself. You wonder if people will “get it” and you constantly question your own logic.

You also question your inner guidance and intuition which is the source of your creative spark. It’s where your creative ideas and guidance come from.

Having tools that confirmed that I was indeed on the right path….

….that I am suppose to create something highly unique and revolutionary that may initially seem odd or eccentric to the average person because it’s meant to be “one of kind” has been extremely beneficial for me.

It’s given me immense courage, faith, and a sense of constant excitement.

It has enabled me to let go of limiting and self defeating doubts and just “go with the flow” while enjoying the creative process.

Conformity is difficult to transcend even for a quirky and risk taking native Chicagoan, and having these extremely helpful tools available to help to validate my off the wall ideas and all my research and hard work has been a great blessing to me.

I strongly suggest for everyone to utilize this powerful tool which you can initially do for Free simply because it can potentially give you more clarity regarding your life’s direction and can make following your life’s purpose a whole lot simpler, especially in these uncertain, unsteady, and unstable times we are now living in.

*FTC Disclosure: If you decide to purchase this resource after trying it for free,  I will receive a commission for purchases made through the following link:

Cosmic Energy Profile

“Each man has only one imperative – to follow his destiny, no matter where it leads him.” ~ Henry Miller

Which brings me to the second powerful tool….

The following valuable resource will be extremely beneficial to you particularly if you have no idea what your life’s purpose is or how to achieve it, or if you’re unsure about what you truly want out of life.

Free Numerology Video Report: How You Can Benefit Greatly From Knowing The Meaning of Your Personal Numbers

Numerology is primarily a self-help and self-awareness tool.

It is a way to gain greater insight and understanding into your inner being and true nature.

It reveals aspects of your character and personality in a way that is fresh and inspiring.

It gives you a new vantage point from which to look at yourself; one with greater distance and perspective than many other self-help systems.

Self-knowledge is the KEY to success and freedom.

Having a greater insight into your strengths and weaknesses will help you in every aspect of your life.

A lot of life’s negativity and problems are created via the unconscious misuse of our energy and that misuse is totally unintentional.

Numerology is a way to learn more about ourselves so we can be more conscious of what motivates us and better know what our strengths and weaknesses are.

This helps to know what to work on so we can do a better job of putting out the type of energy we would like returned to us.

Numerology provides us with a means of understanding our own individual cyclical patterns and personal qualities.

Its application can be invaluable in helping us to understand who we are and in helping us to harmonize with the natural flow of our lives so that we can become Masters of our fate rather than it’s helpless victim.

“God is like a skillful Geometrician.” ~ Sir Thomas Browne

*FTC Disclosure: If you decide to purchase this resource after trying it for free,  I will receive a commission for purchases made through the following link:

Receive an extremely powerful, fascinating and amazingly accurate Free Numerology Video Report tailored just for you.

“We have not wings, we cannot soar; but we have feet to scale and climb.” ~ Longfellow

The GOOD NEWS about these two powerful Self Empowerment tools is before paying a dime, you will receive invaluable Free information about YOU which you can choose to take or leave, but at least you’ll potentially learn something about yourself, and more importantly learn something about the path you are now on, (or should be on)….

…so TRY them. You have absolutely nothing to lose and quite possibly much to gain.

Finally, to better cope with, understand, and decipher these extremely turbulent times that we are living in right now in relation to you personally, Lotus Tarot offers some of the best Online Tarot Readings on the web…

…and you can sign up for a Free membership with Lotus Tarot to immediately access Online Tarot Readings for Free.

A Tarot Card Reading can help guide you through your troubled emotions and clouded thoughts, by offering a reflection of your past, present and possible future and showing you a fresh perspective on your life.

For many, the most distressing times are those when we are confused about how we feel or unsure of what decisions or choices we should make, and in such times it can really help to receive some guidance – whether that be consulting a Love Tarot Reading or a good all-round Celtic Cross Reading.

When you have clarity of mind you feel more relaxed, and decisions and choices can be made more easily.

Consulting the cards may help you to get in touch with your intuition, your best guide when it comes to making those difficult life choices and decisions.

Lotus Tarot aims to provide you with a little guidance and easy and convenient access to information via the ancient practice of Tarot Readings, something that has been around for thousands of years.

Hopefully, this will bring you some pleasure, as well as insights and hope for the future.

*FTC Disclosure: If you decide to purchase this resource after trying it for free,  I will receive a commission for purchases made through the following link:

Learn fascinating info about the ancient Art of Tarot and access Free Tarot Readings here.

“The world is all gates, all opportunities, strings of tension waiting to be struck.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Addendum: If I had read my cosmic profile or numerology analysis at 18 years old, I would have thought they were a joke. I say this for young people who don’t recognize themselves in the Cosmic and Numerology profiles, don’t worry because you could be looking into a window of your future self….

…..and wouldn’t it be great to have a BLUEPRINT for guidance?

Offering TONS of valuable tools and resources via my one of a kind kits to help spur Self Mastery and Self Empowerment….

….. and for you to live your BEST life is definitely one of the main purposes of My Head Meets Heart Kits, ladies and gents, so…..

….Happy Browsing!

Now on to the importance of our Chakras…

Portrait of man.

“Continuous effort, not strength or intelligence, is the key to unlocking your potential.” ~ Winston Churchill

Time for a Challenge:

You’ve likely heard a little about Chakras in your lifetime and probably had a good laugh about the topic and dismissed it as woo woo talk or nonsense….

…but Chakra Energy Centers, which every human being has, are very far from being nonsense.

Chakras are critical to our physical, mental, and emotional well-being, and ignoring them is at least partly why America has the worst health of any developed country in the world.


“Chakras are the seven spinning energy centers of the human body that control every dimension of our physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.” ~ Anodea Judith

The facts:

“Chakra is the Sanskrit word for wheel. The chakras are energy centers (wheels) which occur in the`subtle’ (ethereal) body of every person. Each of these chakras is spinning and each is connected to locations of the physical body which receive, regulate and disperse the universal energies we need in order to function.” ~ From the book “Crystal Healing For Beginners”

“Chakras, by definition, are energy centers within the human body that help to regulate all its processes, from organ function to to the immune system and emotions. Seven chakras are positioned throughout your body, from the base of your spine to the crown of your head. Each chakra has its own vibrational frequency, color, and governs specific functions that help make you, well, human.” ~ Chakras.info

So in other words Chakras are very REAL, and very IMPORTANT, and we in the West have been ignoring them at our own detriment, disadvantage, and peril.

Here’s why:

“Anytime a Chakra becomes blocked, underactive or overactive, it can throw you off balance physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

For instance, if you have ever experienced persistent trouble expressing yourself, felt like you’re walking around in an emotional “fog,” or suffered through several bouts of laryngitis or sore throats these are all signs you may have an imbalanced throat chakra.

Generally speaking, when chakras are “off,” the body is excellent about communicating what ones are affected. When you consider all the signs you are experiencing, be they physical or not, odds are they’re centered around the area of the affected chakra.” ~ Chakra.info

The GOOD NEWS is a few of us in the West have not been ignoring our Chakras.

In fact, some smart folks in the West make a point to tap into healing and aligning their Chakra Energy on a daily basis….and that’s not hard to do, even for non-believers….

…and here is a way for me to prove that to YOU.

While working on developing and creating My Head Meets Heart Kits, the first thing I did after logging into my computer every morning, before doing anything else, is to go straight to YouTube to listen to two videos with my headphones on, with my eyes closed, and my body relaxed.

The first video is almost 10 minutes long, the second video is about 11 minutes long, so I spent a total of about 21 minutes every morning tapping into and clearing my Chakra Energy Centers of all energetic blocks, stress, and negativity before beginning my work day….

…..and each day after I did that, my creative brilliance FLOWED.

I felt better, I had more clarity, I felt calmer, I had more focus, and I felt GOOD.

Some call it a Chakra Tune Up, others call it a Chakra Cleanse, others call it Chakra Balancing.

Whatever the term you choose, it is all about unblocking your Chakras and getting those wheels turning smoothly for better physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

“To restore balance to the chakras, cleansing is needed. In order to restore positive balance to the affected energy center, the entire blockage and/or negativity must be removed.” ~ Chakra.info

This all brings me to my 30 Day Chakra Tune Up Challenge.


I challenge you to spend 21 minutes every day for 30 days straight listening to the same two Chakra Tune Up videos which I still listen to every morning before I begin my work day, and see for yourself how life changing this can be for you.

Just set aside 21 minutes every day, either in the morning before you begin your work or school day, or during a break in the afternoon. See for yourself how life changing this simple daily practice can be for you after doing it for 30 days straight.

What have you got to lose? Answer: NOTHING

The two Chakra Tune Up videos are 100% Free on You Tube.

Go for it and see for yourself how much better your day is, and how much better you will feel after 30 days.

Just sit down, put on your stereo headphones, (stereo earbuds are cool too), close your eyes, relax, and SEE FOR YOURSELF how amazing you will feel afterwards.

“Negative emotions can completely block the flow of energy through our bodies. If we are holding onto anger, resentment, jealousy, etc., these dark heavy emotions not only block our ability to feel good and enjoy our lives, they become embedded in our cells, muscles, tissues and organs, creating physical discomfort. Often these emotions and “issues” have been embedded so deeply for so long, we may not even be aware of their presence in our bodies and energy centers. The only thing we know is that we feel tired, full of anxiety or in physical pain. This is the time to allow your intuition to guide you to one or more of the many wonderful healers and therapies that will help you clear these blockages and free your energy.” ~ From Vitality Magazine article titled “The Healing Dance of the Chakras”

Following is one super simple and 100% Free way which you can utilize to begin to daily clear your blockages and free at least some of the negative emotions and low energy which you may be unconsciously holding on to.

Here are the links to the two amazing Chakra Tune Up videos, (don’t forget to bookmark them and check out the comments on each video.):

Chakra Tune Up Video #1

Chakra Tune Up Video #2

*Please drink a glass or two of good filtered water immediately after you’re finished listening. This further helps to balance and cleanse your Chakras.

*Zen Natural Mineral Water is definitely some of the BEST tasting and healthiest water you and your family can drink.

Also if you feel like stretching after listening, just get you a cheap exercise stretch band and stretch away. Stretching is one excellent way stagnant or negative energy leaves our bodies.

You may also find yourself yawning a lot during or after listening to a Chakra cleansing video. That is also a good sign because it means your body is releasing the stored energy via yawning.

**This simple yet profound daily practice is also great for our TEENS who are under a great deal of stress and challenge right now.

In my opinion, this simple and free 30 day challenge is the BEST way to prove to you that your Chakras are not nonsense, and the research says the more we begin to balance and cleanse them on a daily basis, the better our health and well being will be on a physical, mental and emotional level.

*For those who want to accelerate their progress and go even deeper in your quest to clear, heal, and balance your Chakras, the following linked videos are also my favorites.

Listening to one of the following Free videos at the end of my work day for 30 to 60 minutes with stereo headphones, my feet up, the light dimmed, my phone off, and with a hot cup of healing Organic Turmeric Chai Tea…

….OR if I’m going to do some work after dinner, a delicious cup of Green Matcha Tea for a mild yet relaxing energy boost, is like a mini-vacation for me. Try it.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Chakra Cleansing & Balancing #1 (One hour)

Chakra Cleansing & Balancing #2 (35 minutes)

Chakra Cleansing & Balancing #3 (15 minutes)

Chakra Cleansing & Balancing #4 (35 minutes)

Chakra Cleansing & Balancing #5 (21 minutes – Spoken Word, and my absolute favorite.)

Chakra Cleansing & Balancing #6 (Two hours and very powerful)

*For those who are going through any form of heartache or grief due to a break up, a death of a loved one, an argument, trauma, etc. the following linked videos which focus exclusively on your Heart Chakra may help you a great deal:

*Please read the video description because some of these can be used without headphones.

Heart Chakra Healing #1 (Two hours)

Heart Chakra Healing #2 (Three hours)

Heart Chakra Healing #3 (Nine hours)

Heart Chakra Healing #4 (One hour)

Heart Chakra Healing #5 (One hour)

**And for those who would like to cleanse and balance their Chakras while sleeping, grab a pair of Bed Phones and listen to this excellent linked video featuring 8 Hours of Deep Sleep Music designed to balance and cleanse your Chakras while sleeping.

*To learn more about the immense power and healing capacity contained in our Chakras, the following Free Gifts will go a long way in helping you.

Free Gift: Supercharge Your Chakras with Anodea Judith

Unfortunately, most of us have unknown yet very real energetic blocks and imbalances as well as energy-sabotaging habits that prevent us from accessing our full vitality, which leads us to feel exhausted, scattered, dull… even ill.

Fortunately, there are very practical and simple ways to work with Chakras, which allow you to tap into a vast field of energy whenever you need it.

Bestselling author and the World’s #1 expert on Chakras, Anodea Judith, will reveal the secret to optimizing your energy system, during a Free recorded virtual event hosted by The Shift Network titled “Supercharge Your Chakra Practice: How to Heal Your Energy Centers & Unleash the Full Power of Your Life Force.”

This video-streamed seminar will directly build from Anodea Judith’s best selling “Wheels of Life” book, which has sold more than 300,000 copies and is considered the classic in the field of energy medicine and healing.

During this complimentary Free recorded session, you will discover:

*A quick overview of the Chakra system that resonates intuitively and works with Western psychology.

*The specific health and body challenges associated with each Chakra — and practices that can address and heal each of them.

*How to differentiate between too much and too little “charge” in your system, and balance your life force appropriately.

*Ways to work with energetic blocks, and how to shift them more gracefully.

During the “Supercharge Your Chakra Practice” recorded seminar, Anodea Judith will reveal techniques that can help you understand and work with your Chakra system on a daily basis to supercharge your body with revitalizing life force energy.

After nearly 40 years of study, personal practice, and teaching, Anodea knows exactly what works (and what doesn’t).

You won’t want to miss this opportunity to discover her practices for aligning and activating your Chakras so you can use them to energize and power every area of your life.

Access this possibly life changing recorded virtual video event with Anodea Judith absolutely Free here.

Anodea Judith


“We either get success or lessons. If we learn our lessons successfully, we get both.” ~ Anodea Judith

Free Gift #2: The “Chakras On Fleek” Online Course & Meditation Journey

Lifestyle guru Abiola Abrams is a master coach, award-winning self-help author, Essence advice columnist, international speaker and founder of the empowerment hub, Womanifesting University.

Abiola has given her motivational advice on living your best life on networks from MTV to the BBC, led transformational workshops from NYC to London, shared inspiration in publications from the DailyOm to Essence Magazine and held spiritual retreats from Bali to Belize.

The award-winning motivational speaker, transformational author, and advice columnist is passionate about midwifing spiritual business women to breakthrough.

Seen giving transformational advice on networks from MTV to the Discovery Channel, our grandmothers had “Dear Abby” and we have “Dear Abiola.”

Being a very generous Woman/Goddess, Abiola offers many valuable tools and resources which will be featured in this series and are mostly geared towards women, which will help to guide, heal and empower women…

….and many of them are 100% Free like this next really cool linked resource.

Check out this wonderful Free gift: The “Chakras on Fleek” Guided Meditation Journey Online Course by Abiola Abrams

Abiola Abrams


“Stop playing small and step into your power.” ~ Abiola Abrams

And once you have gotten familiar with working with your Chakras, the following gift will be of great benefit to you:

Free Gift #3: The “Tantric Pulsation Of Your Chakras” 4 Part Video Course by Vicki Howie

Find out about the Tantric Pulsation of your Chakras and discover why “Embodiment is the new Enlightenment.”

The founder of Chakra Boosters.com, Vicki Howie’s informative and transformative 4 part video course will shift your old, hierarchical ideas of the Chakras, and help you step into both your masculine and feminine energies.

When you rock your Masculine Chakras, you’re able to act with strength, confidence and clarity, and you can achieve whatever you set your mind to.

Your Feminine Chakras, on the other hand, allow you to attract and enjoy all the joy and pleasure you want.

When a woman is not connected to and utilizing her masculine energies, she lacks confidence, fortitude, clarity, and strength.

*Great examples of women acting from a healthy balance of both feminine and masculine energies:

The Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle,  former FLOTUS Michelle Obama, TV mogul Shonda Rhimes, and Human Rights Attorney Amal Clooney.

When a man is not connected to and utilizing his feminine energies, he lacks wisdom, empathy, compassion, caring and creativity.

*Great examples of men acting from a healthy balance of both masculine and feminine energies (from the past and present), are Barack Obama, Prince Harry, Martial Arts Legend Bruce Lee, and actor Jason Mamoa. 

Every one of the examples that I gave above are people who lived, is currently living, or are on their way to living their FULL potential….

….and they are also all mature GROWN UPS. 

There is not a “boys will be boys” male or an “enabling or appeasing” female in that bunch.

Shouldn’t living up to your FULL potential be a goal, intention, or desire for YOU too?

Every human being, no matter their gender, has both masculine and feminine energies, and clearly, the recipe for a holistic, balanced, and full life is to act on and balance both sides aka your WHOLE self.

Begin learning how to create this essential, Masculine-Feminine Chakra Balance with Vicki Howie’s outstanding 4 part video course, (which also includes two wonderful healing meditations)…all absolutely Free here.

Vicki Howie


* Vicki Howie is also the Creator of Chakra Boosters Healing Tattoos™ now worn by satisfied customers in over 50 countries.

You can find out all about these revolutionary and highly effective temporary tattoos which actually help you to balance your Chakras here.

“You have these amazing energy centers in you. We all do! And as you learn to work with them in a skillful way, you will be able to create the shifts you desire and expand into your full potential.” ~ Vicki Howie

*Also check out Vicki Howie’s outstanding book “The Key to the Chakras: From Root to Crown: Advice and Exercises to Unlock Your True Potential” at this link.

Finally, here are a couple of other cool resources which will also help you to work with your Chakras:

Chakra Balancing Resource #1 (This link has a Free Chakra ecourse)

Chakra Balancing Resource #2 – (This link also has a Free Chakra ecourse)

I also found some really cool videos on YouTube which I have linked below, which gives informative and extremely helpful personal accounts on how to best work with balancing and opening your Chakras.

Chakra Video #1

Chakra Video #2

Chakra Video #3

Chakra Video #4

“Our own physical body possesses a wisdom which we who inhabit the body lack. We give it orders which make no sense.” ~ Henry Miller

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